Sunday, December 20


I think going to University is a scary experience for everyone at first and even though I feel a lot more calm and comfortable now, I still worry about somethings that will be happening in the future: EXAMS.

I should be enjoying every single day of this week because next Thursday is Christmas Eve! But not, I’ll be sitting in the library studying for all the exams I’ll be having in January. It honestly makes me realise how different Uni is from school. Last year, I simply did nothing on Christmas holiday and this year I seem to be going crazy with so many things to do.

These 3 months have been the most tiring of my life but I’m really happy about the choices I’ve made and that brought me here. I’ve met some amazing people that are always willing to help me in everything I might need and that is a feeling I didn’t experience that much when I was in school as everyone wanted to do better than everyone else.

Exams. I think this is the scariest word someone can say to me from now on. I’ll be having 6 exams in January and I’m so afraid I’ll fail. I know it’s not the end of world if I fail the first time as I can take the exams again in February but who wants to have another round of exams when you could be lying in bed doing nothing? Not me. I’ll do everything possible to pass all my exams in January and hopefully not having to worry about it anymore!

Even though the following weeks will be full of stress and worries, I plan to fully enjoy Christmas as it’s my favourite time of the year! I’m so excited! I have all the present bought and I only I have to finish my mom’s present. I’m really looking forward to Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve as it’s usually so much fun! I loved it last year and I hope I won’t be disappointed this year!

What exciting things have you been doing lately? I want to know!

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