Tuesday, December 1


This is my second Christmas as a blogger and if last year I was still a little bit lost and didn’t connect with the blogging world at all, this year I feel a lot more integrated and ready to enjoy all the things this season has to offer. It does actually feel like Christmas around here as all the decorations are already on everywhere and it’s freaking freezing.

After much thinking and debating about Blogmas in my head, I finally decided that I wanted to give a try and do my own kind of Blogmas. For those who don’t know what Blogmas is here’s a quick explanation! Blogmas is very similar to Vlogmas and consists on uploading Christmas related blogposts on December from the 1st to 24th. Some people upload more than one blogpost a day as they upload the Christmassy post and a more general one on a few days.

As blogging for 24 consecutive days is going to be hard enough for me I decided to simplify. I am going to (or try to) post every single day from today until Christmas Eve! I’ll be uploading a large variety of post and not all of them will be directly linked to Christmas as I don’t want my blog and neither any of you to get over boarded with Christmas related posts.

As we all know, Christmas is a time to offer and thank every single person around us for all those times they’ve made us smile or helped in anyway. I can thank all of you for every lovely comment you leave on this blog but I can’t offer a little something to each one of you so I thought I could at least offer a little something to one of you! This isn’t any big giveaway, it’s just a way of thanking you for making me smile every day!

Initially I thought I could offer one of you a beauty product but I know not all of you are interested in beauty so I thought I’d give you something all bloggers love and use for sure: a notebook! I didn’t want to offer just a plain coloured notebook so I searched and searched and finally found one that I really like and think that you will like it too. This notebook can also work as a planner as you can change the order of the pages, remove some and add others things that you need which I thought it was pretty cool!

Even though I'd love this little giveaway to be international, I'm only able to ship it to countries in the EU.

Let me know what you think of Blogmas and tell me in the comments below if you've entered the giveaway or not.

Christmas Giveaway

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