Sunday, December 13


Whether we like it or not, the blogging world is full of clich├ęs and assumptions about what’s right or wrong and most of us, including me, follow that line even though we not always feel that way. It’s not about the amount of followers. But who doesn’t smile a little whenever new people follow your blog? I do. It’s time to confess a few things.

Sometimes I judge a blog by its design or photography

I rationally know that the most important part of a blog is what written there but if I see a blog with the weirdest design, the most blurry and dark photos and a good writing, I’ll probably won’t follow it. Is it wrong? Probably yes but even though I love reading and writing and I’m a very visual person and I need something visual to captivate me and make me feel motivated.

I stress about not commenting back

Since I started University, I find it really difficult to comment back on everyone’s blog. Purely because I don’t want to go to their page and write a simple “Great post J” because it only shows how much I don’t care about it. But I do. I could never do something like that because I know how much time and effort is put into each blogpost and I need time to read the post, reflect about it and then give my opinion and that takes me a lot longer than what I thought when I started blogging. So I stress and feel that I’m not being nice to the ones that took a bit of their time to read my words and I worry that one day nobody will want to read my blog again.

It’s not about the followers but it’s at the same time

I do feel happy whenever I have new people following my blog and I get sad when I lose followers. I do agree when people say that the amount of followers you have doesn’t reflect the quality of your blog. It’s true. I know amazing quality blogs that have very few followers because they’re extremely new in this world. When it comes to me and my blog, I can’t think entirely with my brain and my hearts gets in the way. If I lose followers, I’m clearly doing something wrong? What is it? How can I change it? Oh no, my blog is crap. Or maybe the person was expecting a follow back and didn’t get it. Anyway, it does get me every time.

My posts are so crap

I can’t help it but feeling sad whenever I write a post that I really enjoy about a theme that I love and that it took me ages to get done and then nobody leaves a comment, nobody cares about it. It simply makes me feel that what I wrote is crap because clearly nobody enjoyed it. Am I right? Probably yes, probably no. Maybe I didn’t promote it the right way? Maybe I just wasn’t lucky and people didn’t see it on their feeds? But still.

I do care about statistics

I go through phases with checking my statistics. There might be a month when I don’t even care about, what’s important is that I enjoy what I’m doing but then there’s also those times when I check my statistics every day and compare it to previous periods and go “Why have I done so well at that time and now not so much?”, “What’s wrong with the blog?”, “What am I doing wrong?” and it’s not healthy at all. Every month should be an “I don’t care” type of month but it isn’t. Any trick so that I can forget about a little?

Now that I’ve confessed my biggest “secrets” it’s your turn to do it. Do you relate to any of these things? Do you have any other confession? Let’s hear it J

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