Sunday, November 15


Finally a weekend that I can almost breathe and it’s probably the last until we get to 2016. These last couple of weeks I haven’t been feeling so great and honestly I don’t know if I should blame the way my body is reacting to the inconsistent weather or the way my body is reacting to all the pressure and crazy changes of the last few months.

I’m sure many of you have gone through periods of your life when you feel a little lost and the pressure and craziness is just too much and everyday single days seems like I’m breaking down. I don’t want to say I’m disliking Uni because I’m totally not. I do love and really appreciate the fact that I got the chance to be a Uni student and improve my knowledge about things I care about but I don’t think I’m already used to the different rhythm of all. The learning rhythm is crazy (crazy is the word for this post) and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything.

The blog. I’m so not satisfied with the blog right now. I worked really hard to turn just a simple blog into my blog with a design that I enjoy, with photos that I’m proud of and posts that I would read myself but lately I feel like I’ve been neglecting it a lot and I feel extremely sad about it. The one thing I didn’t want to leave behind once I started Uni was my blog but I know that school has to be my priority now. I don’t seem yet to have found the right method of organization and I have been missing some posts which also gets me down.

I know most of you haven’t probably even noticed the lack of posts from me this week but if you have, I’m sorry. I do really want to get back on track and upload every day that I said I would. I have been thinking about doing blogmas a lot but I don’t know if I should to be honest because I don’t want to be announcing something like that and then fail. Do you get me? I hope you do.

Let me know what you think of all this ramble and about me doing blogmas and thank you to those of you who always leave lovely comments!

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