Saturday, November 21


Before beauty blogs were a part of my life I had no idea brow products even existed but today I thank all those amazing beauty bloggers that taught me I should give more credit to my brows and take care of them. You should do it too. Lately I have been using the Seventeen Brow’s That Brow Kit* to get extra definition and I have been loving it.

Filling in my eyebrows is a crucial step on my makeup routine these days and I’m always on the hunt for amazing eyebrow products that aren’t too expensive because even though I love my brows, I can’t pay 20€ for a product when I can find some a lot more cheap. When I say cheap, I don’t mean it in a negative way but instead a very positive one.

The Seventeen Brow Kit provides you with an eyebrow pencil, a wax, a brush and two shades: a brown one and highlighting one and it also includes a great big mirror which makes this palette great for travelling and for doing your makeup on the go. For an everyday look I use the brush included in the kit to apply the wax and then fill in my brows with the brown shade with a different brush. If I have time, I’ll apply a bit of the highlighting shade on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye (multipurpose here). For a more defined eyebrow look, I’ll use the eyebrow pencil before applying the wax.

The shades included in the kit are suitable for a lot of people because the colour you get depends on how much product you apply and how light-handed or not you are. I am blonde and all the shades work for me but it will work as well for people who have slightly darker eyebrows than mine, which isn’t difficult. The key of this palette is definitely the wax as it keeps our eyebrows in place for the entire day and I don’t use any gel on top so it does really last a long time.

I really love this palette as you can do so many things with it. I don’t see any other use for the wax but you can use the shadows included in the palette on your eyes too. I like to use the brown shade on the crease and the highlighting shade on the inner corner of the eye besides the brow bone. The eyebrow pencil can also be used as an eyeliner for the upper and bottom lash line. You can also use it on your waterline but I personally wouldn’t as the pencil has already touched your eyebrows and possibly the wax and the shadows. The mirror is really big and good quality and I have to say I was a bit amazed with it as the packaging itself is already very classic and pretty. With the kit you also get a brief explanation of how to use the kit, which makes it perfect for beginners and the price is very purse friendly.

What products do you use to fill in and define your eyebrows? Have you tried this kit before?

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