Wednesday, November 25


Photography is a big part of this blogging world as it’s the first thing people will see once they click on your blog. I’m no expert in photography at all but looking back I know I’ve improved a lot from those initial days of blogging when I thought my photos were acceptable but not even that they were.

Today I am much more careful with the photos I upload on my blog and I know some aren’t as good as I wish they were but I’m doing my best to improve with the materials I have.

Most of my photos are taken from above and considering I don’t have a tripod sometimes it’s really hard to get a good photos because I just can’t keep still. When the days are bright, I can get a nice shoot but if we’re talking about gloomy days, it’s a nightmare. I go a solution. I use a sit from the kitchen to rest my arms and my camera and this way I don’t have to worry about me being shaky because the camera has another support. This might sound a bit weird but it’s a way that works for me.
Excuse the bad quality, it was taken with my phone

In terms of light I know I need the best natural light I can get as my camera isn’t the best so I always shoot in front of the gigantic window I have in the living room. I take all the objects I need to shoot with me and place them on top of a white card board I have. I have two white cardboards: one for placing the objects on and the other one to balance the shadows and both cost me around 3€. You don’t need to spend that much money on reflectors!

Want a marble background? We can solve that too! There’s many ways you can get a marble background, Paula from Thirteen Thoughts has a great DIY explaining how you can do it ("DIY White Marble Photography Background") but I opted for a different way. All you need is a google image of marble and a printer. I printed the marble image with the best quality I can and I did the same with wood floor so that I can have two different background without spending that much.

I always choose the background I want for that shoot: the white plane one, the marble one or the wood floor one. I think marble looks a lot more Winter-y as real marble is obviously very cold so I have been using that in most of my photos recently. I always adjust the settings on my camera as it makes all the difference: more light, less light, more cold, more warm! If I feel like my photo is too naked, I’ll had a few props as rings, a watch or other makeup items that have a similar packaging to the one want to talk about.

Final results without any edition

Most of the magic happens when editing as we all know but starting with a good picture is already a big help and makes everything easier then.

What simple tricks you have to take better blog photos? What do you like to use as a background?

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