Sunday, October 11


On my last "The Sunday Post" I told you I was going to Uni and that was almost a month a go! Probably the craziest of my life. Only in the past few months I started to think about Uni as an actual reality for me and now that I'm in the first year it's all a bit overwhelming. Everything is different.
I feel like I still didn't have the time to sit and think if I've been enjoying or not because I'm extremely busy since I started. They don't play around. Next week I'm having my first test/exam or whatever you want to call it and I so scared because I have no idea if it's going to be really difficult or really easy as I don't really know the teacher but I have to say she seems pretty exigent.

Apart from feeling tired as hell, I feel really lucky! I still living at home with my parents and I can see my boyfriend everyday and even though I decided not to join praxe, I have met a few people and actually like them.

I never thought it would be so hard to keep doing everything at the same time. Blogging, studying and going to the gym. I could actually do much better if my schedule on Uni wasn't as ridiculous as I have the spend entire days there with breaks of an hour and two hours that don't allow me do go home and do something useful. Hopefully that will change next semester.

I'm still posting three times a week as I planned before but I feel like I have to do things much quicker and I'm not enjoying it as much which is a bit sad. To balance that I reached 300 followers on Bloglovin yesterday. A very small number I know but it made me smile anyway so thank you if you're one of the 300 :)

I'd love to know what you have been doing lately that makes you feel happy! Let's chat!

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