Sunday, October 25


If you have been around you've seen that Born Pretty Store sent me some of their products and I was more than impressed with their flat foundation brush but I was never expecting what happened the first time I tried their Beauty Sponge*.

If you've used a beauty sponge before (or even the original Beauty Blender), you'll know that the sponge gets a bit bigger if wet. I've never tried the Beauty Blender but I've tried beauty sponges from H&M and Primark and I liked both and both did the job.

At first sight this Beauty Sponge* from Born Pretty Store was a regular one just like any other until I got it wet. Oh my God, it doubled the size and became the biggest and softest beauty sponge I've ever seen. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

I was so impressed that I obviously could wait to test and I have to say that blends concealer like a dream! I prefer to use the pointy side to blend concealer under my eyes and the flat part to blend concealer on my cheeks/forehead/chin or to blend foundation. It gives a natural and flawless look that I was not expecting.

I love using brushes to do my makeup but most days I use a beauty sponge because it's so much quicker to blend everything and still look great! I truly recommend this Beauty Sponge as it's seriously good! There are other colours available but they ship in a random colour so you might not get the one you wished! I'm not unhappy about mine but it will look much dirtier much quicker which might be good if that gets me to wash it more regularly! 

Born Pretty Store also gave me something for YOU. There's a coupon code that you can use in your orders and get 10% off which is lovely! The code is R1TH10 (you can also see it on my sidebar)!

What do you think of these sponge? Do you use any beauty sponges or the original beauty blender or do you prefer to use brushes all the time?


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