Saturday, October 17


Born Pretty Store - Flat Foundation Brush

Having nice tools to apply your makeup makes a huge difference on the final result and if some years ago you couldn't get any good quality budget makeup brushes, you now can. This Flat Foundation brush* from Born Pretty Store is only $3,70 and I was more than surprised with its quality.
When I first touched this brush I honestly fell in love with it. It's extremely soft but I was a bit scared that on my face it might not be that soft because that happens a lot (touching something and feeling really soft but not as soft on your face). Everything went ok!

Flat Foundation Brush - Born Pretty Store

It's very soft on the skin and it blends foundation like a dream leaving a flawless look! It also works really well with concealer! For me it's a bit too big for blending concealer but I know some of you like this type of brush for concealer too so I obviously made the test! You can either blend your foundation/concealer by dabbing it in with your brush or go in circular motions. I've washed it already and no hairs came out which is amazing!

I've no idea how long this brush will last me but for now I'm amazed! I never thought this brush would be such good quality and I'm more than happy that I accepted to review it because it is seriously good!

The lovely people from Born Pretty Store also left me something for YOU. There's a coupon code that you can use in your orders and get 10% off which is lovely! The code is R1TH10 (you can also see it on my sidebar)!

What do you think of this brush? Have you ever tried any budget brushes?

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