Friday, October 2


I still haven't met one person that doesn't like Autumn for being the perfect opportunity to rock the reds, burgundys and vampy lipsticks. I personally love this time of the year because I have to admit that I'm the biggest fan of burgundy colours. There are a few lipsticks I'm always dying to wear during this time of the year and I miss them quit a lot when it's Summer (am I the only one?).

Mac in Diva (matte finish)
When I got this lipstick last Christmas I freaked! Being a huge lover of burgundys and deep reds there couldn't be a better shade to offer me on Christmas. It was probably my most worn lipstick the next two or three months and I don't regret it. As it's a matte finish you need to have your lips exfoliated and hydrated if you don't want dry patches all over your lips (not sexy, girl!). If you don't really like matte finishes, you can always apply a lip balm underneath. This will obviously reduce the number of hours that the colour will last but considering it normally lasts forever, you should be fine!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in 107 (on the left)
If you haven't heard about this lipstick and actual shade, I honestly have no idea where you've been! Last Autumn everyone seemed to be going crazy about it and now I understand why. The formula is amazing, the colour is beautiful and the price is actually great, what else could you ask? Even though it's a matte finish, it's not as matte as the Mac one so if you have dry lips this one is a better option. It lasts a very long time on the lips (not as long as the Mac one but it's not that far) and it's very comfortable to wear! If you're not feeling this shade, check another one because this collection is seriously amazing!

Oriflame Hydra Comfort in Wine (on the right)
There's something about this lipstick that makes me love it more everytime I put it on. It's not a matte finish like the first two but yet it lasts a very long time on the lips! It never makes your lips feel dry or uncomfortable and the shade is absolutely gorgeous. The pigmentation is great. You can get a red wine shade with only one coat but if you layer it you can achieve more of a vampy look and it still doesn't feel weird on the lips. Isn't it awesome?

Essence Long Lasting in 04 On The Catwalk (on the left) & 06 Barely There (on the right)
These are the most inexpensive of all the ones I've showed you today but that doesn't make me love them any less! The pigmentation of these is amazing (the nude one is included). They don't have a matte finish but some of the collection do so I suppose those will last longer. The lasting power is not amazing if you compare it to a Mac lipstick but considering I paid less than 3€ for each one of them I think they're pretty awesome! They will last you quite a long time if you pair it with a lip liner and you don't need an expensive one for this but you will always need to reapply during the day especially after meals. These are the most comfortable of all on the lips and that's why I think they're amazing for everyday!

What lipstick are you the most excited about for this season?

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