Friday, September 18


Damaged hair? Yes. Dry hair? Very. Ends that easily split? Definitely! Looking for a way of making it better? All the time. For a few weeks I’ve been using the Tresemmé Moisture Rich Mask for dry and damaged hair and I finally have a solid opinion on it. 

My hair is very dry due to the acne treatment I was submitted to but with a lot of attention and a good routine my hair is slowly getting back to normal which was already dry to begin with. I try to get my hair cut (only the ends) every two/three weeks so that I can control the damaged ends situation, I never wash my hair two days in a row as my hair actually holds till four/five days without washing but I usually wash it every three/four days. Having this hair care routine means I don’t wash my hair four or five times a week like many people do and that also means that my mask applications are more spaced in time.

However, I really wanted to see how effect this mask had on my hair so I decided to apply it on a few washes in a row and I was actually surprised. My hair is much softer and it actually feels healthier. I’m not saying my hair has suddenly became magnificent cuz let’s be honest: is there a mask that can do that? But I am very happy with the result. If you wash your hair every two days, two/three applications every week should be enough but if you don’t wash your hair as many times and it’s very dry, try to apply it on every wash. That is my honest advice.

The smell of the mask is very pleasant and it doesn’t feel heavy on your hair while you’re waiting. After washing you’ll notice your hair feels a lot more nourished and hydrated and it actually helps to untangle the knots on your hair. If you use it regularly, the results will obviously be much better.

Have you ever tried any product from Tresemmé?

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