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I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t love budget friendly products and recently I have been trying out a few skin care products that are absolutely crazy inexpensive for the amazing quality! Nowadays you can definitely save some of your pennies by buying from drugstore brands and spend a little bit more on others things.

Please note that I'm going to talk in euros all the time because this is the currency used in Portugal and in Spain. I bought some of these products from an online Spanish store that does free delivery to Portugal and Spain if you do more than 20€ shopping.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (3,99€)
How many more things I have to say about this product? I don’t think there’s one people in the blogging community that hasn’t heard of it before. I’m not someone that buys something just because it’s being highly talked about because if I did my savings wouldn’t even exist but I’m so glad I decided to buy this! I’ve done a review of it before (read it here), I’ve mentioned it in different posts and thousands of other bloggers have mentioned it too. It’s gentle on the skin, it removes makeup easily, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and it’s so inexpensive that it always ridiculous if you don’t give it a try. One bottle of it lasts me for almost half a year which is amazing.

Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Wash (2,75€) & Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Scrub (2,50€)
If you’ve been around for a while I’m sure you’ve seen me talking about one of these two. I honestly love this range so much. It’s so gentle on the skin both the gel and the scrub. I think the scrub (read a review of it here) is amazing for people who have oily skin and some acne problems as it helps reducing the redness and the oiliness. For those who only have oily skin the gel wash (read a review of it here) will work just fine. I use them both anyway. Since I’ve been using these products daily I’ve managed to reduce both the oiliness and the redness and my skin has a beautiful glow.

Nivea Soothing Toner for dry and sensitive skin (4,99€)
Honestly this is an amazing product for oily skinned girls. I have very oily skin and I use this product daily. It’s very fresh soft and gentle on the skin and it doesn’t leave any feeling of greasiness. Even though it’s meant for dry skin, I love it a lot! I haven’t noticed any bad/not so good consequences on my skin from using this. I only see a better and healthier looking skin. Have any of you with dry skin tried this products before? I really want to know how it actually works on dry skin.

L’Oréal Sublime and Soft Soothing Gel-Cream Wash (3,99€)
This is another product that I don’t really get. It’s meant to be for dry skin but it works amazingly on my skin and believe me it’s not dry at all. It leaves such a fresh and clean feeling and it’s very gentle on the skin as well as the eyes. The gel cream has a thicker consistency when compared to the one from Garnier but both are very good even though not as similar. If you have dry skin and you have already tried this product, let me know what you thought of it.

Have you ever tried any of these products? Which under 5€ skin care products do you love?

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