Sunday, September 13


September always means it's time for back to school, new routines and some life changes and this month has been a big one for me. After three crazy years of secondary school I have now moved on from that and I’m officially a college student!

This all University subject has been around for a few years now since we have to do specific exams if we want to apply for a certain faculty but I had no idea what I wanted to do and there was a point where I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to uni or not. If you want to know more about this dilemma, read my “Do I Want To Go To University?” post.

After so many weeks of exams, applying and waiting for the results, a week ago everyone finally got their results and it was heart-breaking for some and delighting for some others. However, it is always a difficult time for everyone. I was admitted to the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science and hopefully in four years I’ll have a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences. This was my first choice when I applied and I was obviously so happy that I got in because I worked really hard during secondary school.

Now that I am officially enrolled for this academic year things are a tiny bit (a huge bit to be honest) scary. I have never been to college and this is a complete new world to me. I don’t know the place and that is already so weird as I had been in my old school for six years and knew every corner of it. I am quite afraid that I won’t be able to handle everything but I’m also forcing myself to remain calm because if so many people have done, why can’t I do it too? This is the kind of thought that I have been trying to keep in my mind as well as the “everybody is as scared as I am” type of thought. 

Deep down I know I’ll be fine. I was equally scared when I left primary school and then again when I had to change because I was living closer to a different school at the time and everything went ok. It might be hard but I am truly committed to make everything work. I still want to go to the gym, to be with my boyfriend and friends and to blog regularly.

As I am know facing a new stage of my life I know I’ll be a lot busier than these last few months when I was on Summer holiday. This means I am reducing the number of posts I upload per week and consequently per month. From now on I am going to post every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 10am UK/Lisbon time.

What do you think of the course I’m enrolled in? Do you think it’s interesting? What will you be doing differently this month?

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