Wednesday, September 23


Sweater Weather Tag - It's officially Autumn
It’s now officially Autumn! I know a lot a people don’t want to say goodbye to Summer but for me Summer has been over for a few weeks since it’s actually very Autumn-y around here. I am so excited about this season because I can finally bring back my scarfs, bolder lipsticks and sweaters! How can you not be excited about that?

To begin this season I thought of doing the Sweater Weather Tag. I don’t usually do tags on the blog but today is the first day of Autumn and there couldn’t be a better way of celebrating!
  • Favourite candle scent?
I love candles all year round but when Autumn comes and Christmas is getting closer (yes, because I’m already thinking about Christmas, you can call me crazy), I love gingerbread and cinnamon. I know it can be a very strong smell for some people but it creates such a cosy environment. I just can’t say no.
  • Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I never dry coffee by itself but I’d really like a cappuccino right now. I drink tea almost every day but who doesn’t love hot chocolate on a colder or rainy day? It’s the drink for Autumn.
  • What's the best Autumn memory you have?
Autumn always meant it was time for back to school and I know that for most kids that was terrible but I just loved it. As I am an only child I didn’t have a lot of people around to play when I was on holiday and I had always loved to learn new things so back to school time for me was very exciting! Apart from that there’s always been a memory that is pretty special: when I was in the kindergarten with all my friends, we used to play with the leaves and we'd always celebrate Saint Martin: we ate roasted chestnuts and drank red currant juice (because we couldn't drink wine, obviously) and it we used to have so much fun! At the time it was just a party day and now I look back and I honestly miss those days. We would all put our jackets on and wait for the chestnuts to be roasted. Super cute ha!
  • Which makeup trend do you prefer: winged eyeliner or dark lips?
A year ago I’d probably be in the middle of a road not knowing which way to go but now there’s only one possible answer on my mind: dark lips all the way! I used to love winged liner (I still do, don’t get me wrong) but I much prefer play with eyeshadow and create an Autumn-y makeup look with it. I think it looks more natural for Uni and I honestly think it’s suits me better than winged liner.
  • Hats or scarves?
I couldn’t do Autumn without scarves. Never in my life. I hope that’s a valid answer ;)
  • Most worn jumper?
The white baggy jumper from H&M that I wore to death last year is already being my most used jumper this year (because we’ve gone through some cold days already here). I love how it suits me and it’s the kind of jumper that warms you up but doesn’t make you look like you’re fully prepared for a snowstorm.
  • Jeans or leggings?
Leggings are the most comfortable things on Earth but I usually wear jeans everyday.
  • Boots or Uggs?
100% boots! I love wearing boots, it’s so comfortable and easy to walk. Besides, I never really understood the obsession over Uggs. I don't really like them.

Are you excited about Autumn or you're a 100% Summer kind of girl? I'd love to read some of your answers to these questions!

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