Wednesday, September 9


The hunt for a good moisturizer is constant. For those who have combination or oily skin finding the perfect moisturizer can be a nightmare. Some leave your skin dry and some are too greasy to be appropriate for oily skinned girls. I found a great moisturizer for only 3,99€ that I never thought it could work.

I’ve already mentioned the Garnier Hydra Adapt for combination to oily skin before (read Mini Haul | Maybelline, Rimmel & more and Night Skin Care Routine) and my opinion about it hasn’t changed since then. I believe it's a great moisturizer. It has a very light texture and feels really fresh on the skin when applied. I doesn’t feel greasy and it definitely is absorbed into the skin very quickly so you won’t have to deal with the wet face feeling.

Sometimes moisturizers for oily skin can be a bit aggressive as people seem to forget that oily and combination skinned girls can also have very sensitive skin. Being a sensitive skinned girl hearts came out of my eyes when I read “For sensitive skin” on the outside packaging/box. It is a very calming moisturizer indeed. It has never left my skin feeling irritated or with some kind of redness. It hydrates the skin without leaving it greasy as it never made me break out and it does mattify the skin without drying it. Does it last does 24 hours every beauty product seems to mention nowadays? Hell no. I do apply moisturizer every morning and night so I do really need a moisturizer that will last me 24 hours. The same thing happens with the mattifying effect. It does last a long time and creates a beautiful base to apply your makeup but the shine will start to appear after a few hours or even sooner if you’re on extreme hot days.

I truly believe this is a great moisturizer for oily skin and I don’t mind a bit that doesn’t last those 24 hours so it’s perfect for me. What do you think of it?

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