Monday, September 7


After two years with the same old purse I thought it was about time to get me a new one and what better place to get an inexpensive and good quality purse than Parfois? With Autumn just around the corner I didn’t want a purse with a vibrant colour but at the same time I needed one that would still be suitable for Spring and Summer of next year. 

I picked one of the basic ones in the colour Taupe but they have other eight colours you can choose from (see it on their website here). I’m so in love with this purse. It’s quite compact but as plenty of room for cards and money at the same time which is amazing because some wallets don’t have much space for cards and I have a few (school, citizen card, metro). As you can see it’s very simple but really pretty in my opinion and I love the details in gold.

I'm sorry for the mess that my new wallet already is but I'm a woman, right? Haha

What do you think of it? Do you like it?

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