Wednesday, September 16


Most of us are very aware of the things we need to do to take good care of our skin, nails and hair. At least I am but there are a few things I recognise as Bad Beauty Habits that are really hard to leave behind. I do remove my makeup every single night before going to bed and I never wash my hair two days in a row but how difficult is for me to do/not to do all those things I should/shouldn't be going? Very.

  1. Not washing my makeup brushes as many times as I actually should. 
  2. Keeping some beauty products for far too long.
  3. Touching my face more times than I should which does really help spreading bacteria.
  4. Biting dead skin off my lips and not exfoliating them properly instead.
  5. Applying moisturizer on my face every day in the morning and at night but constantly forgetting to hydrate the rest of my body.
  6. Forgetting to apply serum on the ends of my hair.
  7. Touching and playing a lot with my hair.
  8. Peeling nail polish off.
  9. Not removing the nail polish once it’s chipped.
  10. Slouching. The simple fact that I do it is bad already.

Is there any bad beauty habits you can share? Do you relate to any of these?

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