Tuesday, August 18


Summer is always a tough time for my hair as it gets drier and more fragile than usual. I always try to keep it in good condition by using products regularly that I know are good for my crazy curls (Updated Hair Care Routine). This Schwarzkopf serum was a complete surprise.

I've only decided to try the Schwarzkopf Gliss Deep Repair Serum because the one I was using at the time was sold out and I really couldn't go without serum. For a pleasant surprise, I found out this one is in a cream texture instead of an oil-based serum. It's much more comfortable to apply as my hands don't get oily after using it and it means I can quickly run my fingers through my hair and I'm good to go.

I do like the feeling of it on my hair. It makes it feel very soft and always ends up looking very hydrated and healthy but for some reason the feeling doesn't last very long. It's not one of those serums you can apply every morning and your hair will feel nice all day. At the end of the day it's like I need to apply some more again.

For those who don't have very dry and damaged hair this serum would be really good but my hair really needs something strong that can hold the hydration for many hours.

What serum do you apply on your hair? Have you ever tried this one?

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