Sunday, August 2


Instagram is probably one of the most popular social medias at the moment and I have been loving it a lot! I've been trying to upload a photo almost everyday but recently I went on holiday and we didn't have internet connection so I didn't upload a lot.

As you can see by the photos I love posting food pictures as I have been eating much healthier lately and makeup and beauty stuff, obviously! I also post selfies every now and then because lets be honest, who doesn't take selfies? I also really like uploading quotes that I enjoy reading or places that I go. The last photo is from my lovely holiday where I had a lot of fun! I follow a lot of beauty accounts, some bloggers and fitness accounts!

What do you like to see the most on instagram? Where do you get inspiration for your photos? Leave your instagram names in the comments so that I can follow your accounts! *SELF PROMO* Don't forget to check out mine at :)

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