Monday, August 10


Blogging is not only about writing and posting new things regularly. It's also about learning new things from others and trying to improve yourself. I definitely think I've learned a lot since I started my blog. Today I'm sharing with you 8 blogposts that might be helpful for you.

I've chosen these blogposts because I've truly enjoyed reading them and because I've actually learned something from it. From blog design to photography and not forgetting social media. There's a bit of everything.

Photography Tips for Bloggers - Thirteen Thoughts

If you think any of these posts might help you with something you have been trying to improve don't forget to check them out. I honestly think these are some of the best articles about blogging advice.

 Leave in the comments below the link for one article that you think it might be helpful to me or to others, it can be one of your own blog or not.

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