Friday, July 31


Another month is gone and Summer is passing way too fast. We still have August, I know. But seriously, where has time gone? This month I don't have many favorites but I have been really loving this products and I hope you find something interesting on this post.

I think this product has been on my favorites for several months now but honestly it has been a life saviour since I started my acne treatment (here) and it's the Uriage Hyséac SPF 50+ (read about it here) for combination to oily skin. I've been using this sunscreen for months and I haven't burn my skin since then.

Another product that helped me a lot this month was the Biafine Emulsion. This is cream is a miracle honestly. I didn't know about it until doctors say this was great for "all types of distressed and irritated skin, including scarring, sunburn, abrasions, post-peel sensitivity, nappy rash, sores and dermatitis". I can't confirm all of these things but I do can confirm it's amazing when it comes to sunburns and simple burns when cooking or something. Your skin regenerates much more easily and quicker and it's not so painful. This is a great product to always have at home and to take with you on holiday.

As I try to take really good care of my face because of my acne problems and apply a lot of facial sunscreen, my face doesn't tan as quickly as my body which is obviously annoying but that's what we have so I have been loving this Essence Bronzing powder to pieces. It's really smooth and very easily to apply. I don't do any heavy contour with as I could possibly turn orange, I only bronze up my face a little and it looks lovely. To highlight my browbone, on the inner corner of my eye and sometimes my cheekbones, I like to use the Essence Big Bright Eyes highlighter which is obviously for the eyes but I think it works really well especially on my browbone area and it lasts much longer than a powder highlighter considering the hot weather. Last but not least, I have been using the Essence Long Lasting lipstick in Barely There almost everyday this month and I just love it so much. It's such a perfect nude and it really suits me, I think.

Have you ever tried any of these products? What are your favorite products to take with you to the beach?

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