Thursday, June 4


My hair is thick, dry and damaged and most of it is not even my fault. I needed something that would help me give some moisture back to my hair and would also help me brush it through and I've finally found it. It's the Pantene Pro-V Split End Serum.

My hair has always been very thick and dry but since I've started my acne treatment my hair has gone drier than ever and I actually had to use a mask two or three times of week to prevent it from breaking. I've been getting my hair cut every month since March and it actually growing much faster and I feel like it's in a better condition but this Pantene Serum has been helping a lot with keeping those ends moisturized and stopping them from splitting and breaking as often.

It really helps me brush through my hair when I wash it and that means it won't break so much. I always apply this and the Johnson's Baby No More Tangles spray because of all the knots my hair tends to create. Overall, I really like this serum and I think I'm going to be using it for the next times!

What products have you been using on your hair lately? Have you ever tried any product from Pantene?

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