Monday, June 29


I've been a fan of Essence nail polishes for a long time but when I saw their new collection (Essence The Gel Nail Polish) I was a bit terrified. "What if it's a huge disappointment? What if it's nothing better than the original collection?" I decided to give it a try anyway and today I'm telling you all about it.

For a first try I decided to pick one color and a top coat to make it last longer. It is supposed to use three different products: a base coat, the nail polish in the color you wish and the top coat. I only picked the 13 Forgive me and the Top Coat. You can see the result on my nails here.

This product is amazing! The formula is very creamy (the original collection is a bit more liquidy) but not thick so the application is really easy and smooth. It dries faster than what I was expecting. You'll be ready to go in a few minutes but I always like to be careful for longer, you never know!

The key point of these product is its lasting power.  I only applied two coats of the colorful nail polish and one coat of the top coat nail polish and I haven't applied anything under those two.It lasted on my nails around 6/7 days without any chipping or cracking which was a pleasant surprise. I suppose it will last even longer if you apply the base coat under the other two. Considering this and the price (1,99€ each) you'd pay for the three nail polishes (base, color and top coat), you have an amazing result! The color range is quite wide so you'll definitely find a color that you like.

Have you ever tried any of nail polishes from this or the original collection? Or any other products from Essence? What did you think of them?

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