Wednesday, June 24


When I started to write this series I never thought I'd actually keep it but this helps me discovering new blogs and trying to keep up with as many as I can.

This month was a really hard one as I had final exams that are finally over and I was really busy but I still had time to check some blogs and get inspired by them so I've put together a small list of some of the blogs I've reading and loving recently.

Everyone knows I am a fan of all things beauty and fashion related but I love to know more about the people behind the blog and lifestyle posts are the perfect opportunity to do that. Brittany, Sarah, Rachel, Emma and Lily have been my favorite bloggers lately even though I've been following some of them for a while now!

Brittany Fenton by Brittany
Sarah Anne by Sarah
Rachel Coco by Rachel
Emmehur by Emma
Lily Melrose by Lily

Don't forget to check out these amazing blogs if you haven't already and leave in the comments below some of your favorite blogs so that I can check them out too!

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