Friday, June 19


Some people change their hair whenever they're bored. I'm not that brave so I do a different makeup look or I do my nails different from the usual thing and that's what happened here. Almond nails might be my newest favorite trend.

My nails grow naturally square (see the natural shape of my nails here) and I never need to do much to make them look presentable but I was a bit bored of my square nails and I love the almond/stiletto look at the moment. I always do my own nails so I had no idea how this would turn out so I went for a more subtle look and give my nails an almond shade instead of the full stiletto look.

For the first time I think they turned out quite cool and natural at the same time and honestly I'm loving having my nails like this. I might try to make them look a bit more pointy the next time but nothing too crazy! I painted them white because white is my favorite color for Summer (and yes, with so many amazing colors I prefer white, call me boring haha) and I just love the classy look!

What do you think of the Stiletto nail look? Would you use it or would you rather have them in a simple almond shape? Let me know your favorite colors to wear during Summer too!

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