Thursday, June 11


It has been 9 months since I wrote "My First Day" where I talked through my experience about the first day of senior year, how I felt and what I thought about the teachers and the class itself. Today I'm going to tell you all about my experience through these months and how I feel now.

Now that I no longer have lessons with the teachers I can actually say I've changed my opinion on some of them throughout the year. In the beginning I wasn't really sure about my Portuguese teacher, turned out that I really like him as well as my Psychology one and the Biology one. When it comes to the Maths teacher I still haven't made up my mind completely! I recognise she's a great teacher but sometimes she does annoy me so much that I can't even concentrate. This hate-love thing started a few weeks ago so it's probably because it was the end of the year and everyone was feeling tired. The PE teacher was the one that annoyed me the most throughout the year but I just grew to like her a lot and I think I'll actually miss her and those days when she could make us laugh.

When it comes to the class things didn't change a lot. In the beginning I felt like an outsider and I still feel the same way now. I've connected with two or three people but it's not a strong friendship as some of the ones I have. Everyone was really sad to be leaving school but I really wasn't because I didn't have a connection with that class as I have only been with them for a year but I do feel sad that I'm leaving school for other people I met there.

I can't say I won't miss anyone because I probably will. I was in that school for 6 years and I met some of my best friends there and I my boyfriend too so of course I'll miss those times but not so much this senior year. Now there isn't too long for my final exams and school will officially be over!

Tell me your best memories of Secondary/High School and if you miss it or not!

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