Saturday, May 16


I have combination prone acne skin which means I have to be extra careful with the products I apply on my face. I needed a new lip balm and the one I usually use was sold out (how is that even possible?) so I decided to give a try to this 100% pure Vaseline.

This products is said to "protect and lock in moisture to help dry skin restore" and completely agree with it. I apply it on my lips as a lip balm and I always use it on my skin when I have dry patches because my skin is going cray these last months due to cray weather too!

I know some people hate Vaseline and think it feels incredibly greasy on the skin but I couldn't disagree more! This is a life saviour! I don't think it's greasy at all, it's a thick consistency but that doesn't mean it's greasy, it means it will protect your skin. It's also amazing on the lips, especially for those of you (like me) who suffer when the weather is more inconsistent than me when I was 12. My lips get into a really bad gross condition and this has been helping me a lot! I can't rave enough about this little pot.

I bought the 50 ml pot because this lasts a really really long time, mine looks almost intact and I have been using it a lot so it's expensive, at all!

Have you ever using this product? Is there any other products from Vaseline that you like?

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