Monday, May 4


For me Winter is all about bold lips but when the sun is out I just want to use some pinks, corals and maybe bright reds so I picked 5 lipsticks that I know I'll be using a lot through this Spring and Summer and hopefully you'll find some of them interesting!

For a while I used to love coral lipstick on other people but I was never too sure if it would suit me or not but you know, I thought "Why not give it a go?" and I am loving! My favorite so far is the Essence Long Lasting lipstick in Coral Calling (read the review here) as it's very pigmented which means you can blend it a bit with your fingers and make it a subtle coral or you can build it up and a rock a vibrant coral!

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in the color 111 Kiss Of Life is a gorgeous red that can be too much for daily wear for some people. I don't use it everyday but sometimes I just feel brave enough to wear this lipstick and it's amazing! As it's a very vibrant light red is a great color for Spring and Summer and I think it's a brilliant lipstick to go out at night because it is still a red but it is fun at the same time! If you have dried lips, you might need to apply some lip balm underneath. 

These three last lipstick are pinks, as you can see but they're all very different! The first one is from Andreia (a Portuguese brand and I have no idea if you can buy it in other countries) and it's in the color A24. I have mentioned this lipstick several times here and my love has been growing everyday. For me it's a perfect everyday pink, very subtle and very comfortable to wear as it doesn't dry the lips.

The second one is also perfect for everyday wear but it's more of a bold dusty pink kind of color! This lip crayon is from Essence's Road Trip Limited Edition in the color Hit the Road, Red! (even though I think it's far from being red) but I know you can still find it online, it's very pigmented and very hydrating.

The Astor Color Last VIP in the color 005 Arty is a very vibrant pink. I think this color is amazing for night wear when you want a vibrant color but you still want to wear a pink. It's long lasting but it doesn't feel as dry on the lips as the Rimmel one. When I use it on day time I always blend it a bit with my finger so that it creates a more subtle color!

Have you have tried any of these lipsticks/brands? Tell what lipsticks you love for Spring and Summer time!

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