Thursday, May 28


Having oily skin can be a problem especially when the weather gets warmer. I know exfoliating my skin regularly helps me reduce the oil so I wanted to try a mask for oily skin and see how it would work with me.

I wasn't really think about getting a face mask but since I had a catalogue from Oriflame and I really wanted to try something from them and see if I liked their service (they haven't conquered my heart to be honest), I thought I'd buy this one. It's the Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Purifying for Oily Skin with Tea Tree.

I'm not a big fan of the smell, it's a bit strong and it makes me feel a bit sick but the formula itself it's not bad! While it is applied it feels a bit uncomfortable as it dries a lot but it's very easy to wash off, it's not sticky and you don't get little rests of mask on your face after washing it off.

It leave my skin really soft and it definitely reduces the oil at the time but I haven't noticed many differences on my skin daily. Something that really surprised me was the look of it on my skin because I was expecting it to be green-ish as it's a clay mask but it looked very white almost as if I had nothing on (because I am very pale, you'd probably look like a ghost if you have a darker skin tone..haha).

I think it's a good mask for cleansing and it leaves my skin feeling really soft but I don't think it's a "wow" product and I probably won't be repurchasing it again!

Is there any masks that you like? Have you ever tried any product from Oriflame?

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