Friday, May 15


Last week I wrote "Fruits That Will Help Get Slimmer - Part I" and showed you some of my favorite fruits and the benefits they can bring you. Getting slimmer for the Summer is one of my goals and I know it's a goal for many people too but there are different ways of achieving it. The healthy way is mine.

Pineapple is one of my all time favorite fruits to eat during Summer and it's actually an amazing little helper with digestion. Pineapple usually has a sweet taste but not many calories (don't eat an entire pineapple obviously) which makes of this fruit a great snack for those days when you really want something sweet but don't want to forget your body Summer goals. 

Pears are like old best friends to me. When I was little all I'd eat was pears (please don't do the same thing, variety is the key) so I was actually happy to find out that it can help me with many aspects. In one hand, pears have a lot of potassium which means it can help you regulate cholesterol levels and has some benefits to your heart. In the other hand, pears are high in fiber and this small aspect will make you feel full for longer and consequently help you lose weight.

Lemons are such a great fruit that I'll be doing a post only about Lemon Water soon! Drinking water with lemon can help you reduce bloating and this is something I experience sometimes and it really helps me clean my organism. Lemons can help you with blood pressure, respiratory disorders as they help your immune system get stronger. Lemon is also great because drinking water is much easier when it actually has a taste and water boosts your metabolism so it can help those who are trying to lose weight.

Papayas are probably one of the most versatile fruits out there but honestly I like to eat it raw and by itself. Papayas can have a similar benefit in comparison to pineapple when it comes to losing weight as it has a really sweet flavour but has even less calories than pineapple (I was chocked when I found that out) so it's a great fruit for snack and even to incorporate in salads or other main course dishes. Besides that papaya produces has a lot of vitamin C that can help your immune system.

I really hope you found this post helpful and leave in the comments which are your favorite fruits and some tips or tricks that you have for those who are trying to lose weight!

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