Monday, May 25


For a daily basis I don't really need foundation (or I don't have time to apply it because I actually enjoy staying in bed the longest I can) but when I am going out or at weekends I like to sometimes apply some foundation to make my skin more uniform. I've finally found a drugstore foundation that I like!

I never really cared much about Catrice products but recently several Portuguese youtubers have been saying great things about the brand and some actually love the Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation and I thought I'd give it a try as it's said to be oil free, mattifying and long lasting and this is all I could ask for my oily acne prone skin.

I got the color 010 Light Beige and I found it to be a little bit too pink for me when I apply it but after a few minutes it is actually a good match (and some drugstore foundation are a pain to get the right shade).

I'd say it's a light to medium coverage as you can build it up but I prefer a natural finish so I don't mind the light coverage. I love that it doesn't make me breakout which would be a problem after the long treatment I went through (my dermatologist would probably kill me)! It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, it doesn't look cakey and it actually last really well on the skin! The longest I've used it was for 9 hours and it looked very nice after that time, I have to admit I was pretty impressed!

About the "shine control" I recognize that it helps my skin with it because I have really oily skin especially when it is hot but it doesn't stay matte all the time. I payed around 7€ for it so I have really happy with my choice!

Have you ever tried any of Catrice products? Do you have any products you'd recommend? Also let me know good drugstore foundations for oily acne prone skin!

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