Sunday, May 10


Blogging is not about just about me and my blog. It's also about reading other blogs, commenting and giving some credit to some amazing bloggers that work their ass off. It has been two month since I wrote my last "Blogs I've Been Reading" so it's time to share with you some other favorites!

I've have previously mentioned two of the blogs already (Thirteen Thoughts and The Makeup Directory) but I just love their blogs a lot! I love the way they write, their creativity and even though the two are a bit different from each other because obviously they're written by two different persons I love them equally. Zoe from Sweet Electric is one of my favorite bloggers. If you don't know who she is, you're missing out so go check her blog immediately!! She's so versatile that you can find so many different posts that I am sure you will relate to some. Keep Dreaming and Emmehur are two of my most recent favorites. These two girls, Jordan and Emma, are amazing. Jordan does so many reviews on her blog that you can find a lot of useful information and most of her posts are beauty related so.. I love them obviously. Emma does many beauty and lifestyle posts all in one and I think that's brilliant as she just let us know a bit more about herself while still talking about makeup!

Keep Dreaming by Jordan
Emmehurr by Emma

I hope you check these girls' blogs and leave me a comment saying if you follow any of these blogs and what are your favorite blogs!

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