Tuesday, May 12


Astor has intrigued me for a long time because I never had heard of this brand before until I found a lipstick from them in my mom's drawers and I thought "Why not get one myself?"

I wasn't searching on my mom's drawers for beauty products that I could get my hands on (I'm not even ashamed of that because it's a mutual situation haha) and I found this beautiful lipstick. I loved the color! It's beautiful, pigmented, not drying and quite long lasting but it's probably out of date and I didn't feel very comfortable using it on my lips even though the temptation is big. 

I started to look online and I found a online store based in Spain that sells this brand (I've never seen it in Portugal but it's probably sold here because my mom got it and I'm sure at the time she didn't had access to internet) and I ordered this Astor Color Last VIP lipstick in the color 005 Arty. This collection in a collaboration with Heidi Klum and I know they launched various products such as lipsticks, mascaras, foundation and some other products that you can check at their website.

I was a bit upset when I saw the lipstick in person because I had no idea the color would so BOOM, I mean at least it is for me and I can wear on a everyday basis but I always blend it so that it will look more subtle and natural but I do think it's a gorgeous color for a Spring-y night out (check my Top 5 Spring/Summer Lipsticks). 

It doesn't feel very dry on the lips but it's a matte finish so I was expecting it to be a bit more moisturizing but it does lasts a good amount of time on the lips without the need of reapplying it. I think the packaging is brilliant. Very simple yet very classic and chic and people say that the inside is the most important thing but a good packaging makes you feel like you've not wasted your money and honestly I know I'll be using this lipstick a lot in Summer.

Have you ever tried any product from Astor Cosmetics before? Would you wear this color as a Summer night out lipstick?

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