Sunday, April 26


The first time I did a "What's in my bag" kind of post I had my blog for two months and that means it was six months ago (times has flown by) so I decided it was the perfect time to do a updated version of that post as I have a new bag for Spring and Summer!

I have been loving my new bag since I've got it for my birthday (find it here) as it is very easy to carry around, perfect for this time of the year!
Sometimes I think I carry way too much stuff with me but reality is: you never know what you're going to need and most of the things I keep in my bag are "put there and forgotten there forever" things and that is why I do a cleaning session regularly, don't worry! 

I always carry a notebook or something where I can write things down so that I won't forget things that I have to do or blogpost ideas that might be interesting! This one was offered to me in Christmas my one of my friends' mum and it's very big with a lot of space to write on, love it! I always keep my sunglasses (Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic here), my purse with keys. 

As I throw a different lipstick into my bag every time I go out I always find more than a few lost in there! This time I had the Essence Long Lasting lipstick in 01 Coral Calling and the Andreia Higicol 24 (I don't know if this lipstick is available in others countries besides Portugal and I don't even know if I can still find it here, sorry). At this time of the year I always keep my facial suncream with me: the Uriage Hyséac SPF 50+ as I need to keep my face protected from the sun because my acne (read my story here) and my Dove Deodorant.

On the front pocket I keep a little mirror for when I need to touch up, some tissues and my Sony Fashion earbuds (here). I never leave home without carrying the Vaseline Pure Skin Jelly Original for keeping my lips hydrated and last Thursday I used my Astor Color Last VIP in 005 so that was also in my bag! I have been liking this lipstick a lot so I will probably do a review of it here on the blog so don't forget to check it later! 

That was all I had in my bag! Tell what things you can't leave the house without!

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