Saturday, April 11


After doing some experiences I am now completely thankful to suncreams because I know how much they help me control my acne and how worse it gets when I don't apply it. "It offers very high-performance UVA-UVB protection thanks to a new highly effective octocrylene-free filtering complex. Its texture is non-sticky and non-greasy." says Uriage.

For a very long time I thought that applying suncream wasn't that necessary. My acne problem were getting worse and worse and when I finally head up to my dermatologist she told me "You have to apply suncream every single day on your face if you don't want those marks for the rest of your life" and recommended me the Uriage Hyseac SPF 50+ especially for combination to oily skin.

This is possibly the best suncream I've ever tried because it really "provides a lasting mattifying effect" without drying out my skin which is amazing I believe. There are so many product that provide you with a mattifying look but later on you'll find your skin very dry.

When you apply it it feels a bit greasy but the product is absorbed very quickly. I try to blend it very well into the skin because it can give you a "ghost" effect as it's very white but all you have in the end is a perfected and mattified skin effect. It has been helping me control the appearance of new blemishes and the excess of sebum. I highly recommended it to people who have combination or oily skin and it's a great price has you only need a bit to cover you're entire face.

Do you apply suncream regularly? If you do, let me know your experience with the product you've been using!

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