Tuesday, April 14


As the weather gets warmer there are certain things I like to keep with me all the time and I use pretty much everyday. I am sure we all have different product choices but these are the ones I like the most and I hope you'll all share with me your preferences!

Something I can never go out without is sunglasses! I have really sensitive eyes and sight problems so I always keep my Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic (exact ones here) with special lens. I never forget to apply my favorite suncream the Uriage Hyseac Fluid SPF 50+ (read more here) and my Dove Pure Deodorant.

Even when it's Spring/Summer I like to keep my lips hydrated and lately I have been using the Vaseline Pure Skin Jelly Original which is great for lips or to apply on dry skin and to hydrate my body I usually use the Johnson's 24 hour Body Cream as it feels very light and fresh on the skin!

When it comes to makeup there is one special product I especially love to use during Spring and Summer time: BLUSH! I think blushes are a great makeup product to use during Spring and Summer to give you more of a fresh look and I've been loving the H&M Sugar Coral Blush. I never skip powder either, especially under my eyes as I want my concealer to last all day long and I've been using the Essence All About Matt! Powder (read more here).

Let me know what product you can't leave without especially at Spring and Summer time and also you've ever tried any of the product I've shown you!

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