Saturday, April 4


I think nails were always that girly thing that I never pushed away at any times. For a long time, I didn't care about makeup or skincare and for another while I didn't care that much about fashion but nails were always the one thing that I cared about and I love to talk about it and to read your opinions about it!

My last post about nails was "How I Keep My Nails Healthy" and I loved to write it as I adore sharing little tips with you! This time is simply a nails-at-the-moment kind of post.

I've loving to paint my nails with this red bright color that was on my "March Favorites" post not for the nail polish itself but for the color! It's so beautiful and I honestly think it's a really great Spring/Summer color but it's also a good transitional color from Winter to Spring as it's still a red but it's so bright with orange undertones which makes way more summery. 

I'm not a huge fan of the formula of the nail polish because it's not very opaque and you definitely need to apply several coats but it never really gets fully opaque! In these pictures I had five coats of nail polish (crazy, I know) and if you look really close you can still see the free margin of my nails because their really white it almost looks like I have French manicure!

Let me know what are your favorite colors for Spring and Summer! I'd love to get some pastels but I have no idea what colors, leave your suggestions!

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