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Acne is probably one of the worst things about puberty and not only for girls but for boys too. I am currently dealing with it and I want to tell you everything about my story and treatment!

I started to have acne problems when I was about 12 and it wasn't uncontrollable, everyone said that was a "teenager thing". I waited for all those blemish to go again, I tried different products that were doing zero for me and around my 16th birthday I started to worry a lot about my skin because 4 eyes were already gone and my skin was just getting worse.
Around December 2013 I decide to use an exfoliator in order to help me and it actually did. It was surprising, I used the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Scrub (read more here) and I loved it. My redness was slowly but visibly reducing but my problem was far from being solved. Around February 2014 I started to use some of the La Roche-Posay products as so many people love it and it seems to be miraculous for some. I wanted to love it but those products only made everything worse: more blemishes, irritated skin, redness. I couldn't take it anymore.

Me and my parents decided that it was the time for me to consult a dermatologist (it was more than time actually) and in March 2014 I started my treatment. I was one of the best decisions of my life even though it wasn't an easy one. The treatment had different consequences. I had to do blood tests every two months, I couldn't wear contact lens because my eyes were going to dry a lot as well as my hair, my skin and my lips. I decided I would do it anyway. I started to take two pills of isotretinoin everyday and I could already see results after a week (even though many people see their problem get worse in the first two weeks of treatment). I wasn't easy having chapped and consequently bleeding lips all the time, peeling skin, dry eyes and easily burnt skin in Summer. I used the Uriage Hyséac SPF 50+ (read more here) and it helped me a lot.

Until November 2015 I slowly reduced the doses of isotretinoin I was taking and in November/December I completely stopped. From that moment I've been applying a cream that is great for all the marks I had. My is still very dry around my cheeks where I had more severe blemishes and marks but apart from that I am much better! See for yourself.

The picture from the left was taken around February 2014 and the one on the right was taken in March 2015. The first picture has really bad quality but I think you can all see how much of a difference there is! I still am very careful with my skin and I never use foundation as I think it's much better for my skin being able to breath all the time but that's just me and my thoughts..!

I want to say that this post is just me telling you my story! Please don't self medicate yourself and if you can go to see a dermatologist please do it because they know what it's best for you and for your skin! Don't ever touch those odious blemish, drink a lot of water, clean your face very well and several times a day if possible and let it breath. This are simple things that will help you but won't solve your problem if it's as severe as mine.

Do you have suffered from acne before? Are you still going through it? Please tell me your stories as I'd love love love to hear them! And I am sorry for the extremely long post!

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