Saturday, March 21


It has been almost a week since I've completed 18 years of life! I had an amazing day last week with all my family and closest friends and I really am so blessed that I have such wonderful people around me! I got a few things for my birthday and I thought it would be fun to show you what I got (just like so many of us do around Christmas time)!

Some people think it's kind of boring to get clothes as gifts but I love it because I usually pick it myself and if I don't I usually love it because people who give me clothes know me pretty well! This year was no different!

My boyfriend got me a cropped sweater and a denim shirt and I think it'd be lovely to use both with a pair of black jeans! My very best friend gave the blue sweater and I think it will be perfect for Spring/Summer (and I hope that nice weather doesn't take too long to come..haha) as it's a really fresh material and quite baggy.
My grandma, my parents and my godparents gave me money, so I decided to keep some and spend a small part on this beautiiiiful bag! Initially I had my eye on a different type of bag but then I saw this one and I think it's adorable! It's perfect for Spring/Summer time as it's really easy to carry around and it's really casual and classy at the same time!

I am also thinking of getting a few beauty products with some of the money I received and I've been walking around Sephora trying to decide what I want but there's so many amazing things! Comment below some great products that you love from Sephora and that you think I should get! Also let me know what you think of the little things I received! 

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