Monday, March 23


For a few months I've been changing my lifestyle step by step and working out is now a regular activity in my life. I go to the gym twice a week and then I workout at home once or twice a week too. By doing this for awhile I've watched many workout videos and I definitely have my favorite chanel: XHIT Daily!

I've picked a few of my favorite workout videos for my legs and decided to share them with you. As always don't forget to leave your suggestions and different exercises because I love to try something new! All the videos that I'm going to list are from XHIT Daily because that is honestly the only channel I watch and I want to be completely honest about my opinion and I think these are the best!

Some exercises are very similar and I think it's nice to keep a certain routine so you can always choose your favorite workout video and always do that one or you can choose a different workout video every month so that you also don't get too used to the same movements!

*Some workout videos are inspired by certain celebrities but I don't really care about it (maybe I should.. ??), I simply do the exercises that I like and that I feel that are really working my legs!

I will list some other videos for your bum and abs one of these days too and I hope you all feel a little bit more inspired! Don't forget to comment below your favorite workouts!

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