Sunday, March 29


March has been a really nice month for me! At the 15th I celebrated my birthday and I had amazing days with my boyfriend, family and closest friends. It's now Spring Break and I can finally relax for a few days (even though I've been sick for 5 days now..buuuh). I haven't tried many new products this month but I have some new products added to my favorites for the first time!

Being busy doesn't mean I don't like to take good care of my skin (although it means I don't feel like it sometimes..haha) and I've been loving to use the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Scrub (read more about it here) and it always makes my skin feel fresher and cleaner!

When it comes to makeup there isn't any exciting discovery. I've fall in love again with the Essence Road Trip Lipstick in Hit the Road, red! that unfortunately was from a limited edition from last year and I don't know if you can find it in stores! I've been obsessed with the Real Techniques Setting Brush (read more about it here) as it is amazing for blending concealer and to set your makeup with powder under your eyes, it seriously is a multitask and incredible brush. The powder have been using lately is the Essence All About Matt Fixing Powder (read about it here) and it really does the job, I'm more into it everytime I use it and I love how light it is.

This month I've been loving to use two beautiful colors on my nails: classic white and bright red because I feel like Spring is almost coming and I can't wait to start using brighter colors on my nails! Both nail polishes I've been using are from Glamour and are in the colors 164 (the white one) and 192 (the red one).

Comment below what products have been your favorites this month and also if you have ever tried any of the products that I mentioned!

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