Thursday, March 19


I can be a very stressed person and sometimes I freak out because I'm not thinking straight and I'm not aware of how important it is to stay calm and focused on what it is actually important. Of course I am trying to be a more calm person but that's not always easy so I have a few tips and little things I like to do when I feel the stress taking over.

Isolate myself from the world - I know this might sound a bit dramatic but it's something that I value a lot because it always makes me feel better when I am about the burst into tears because I just can't handle all the pressure and the stress. Turn off your phone, computer and TV, don't talk to people, do nothing. Lying in bed simply doing nothing helps me thinking straight and sometimes see things in different perspectives and realize that it's not as chaotic as I thought.

Take a deep breath - This is sometimes underestimated and it can turn into something awful if you have someone saying "TAKE A DEEP BREATH" right in your face. Don't give anyone the chance to tell you that. Concentrate on your own breathing and try to control it the best you can. After a minute or so you'll realize that you're less stressed because your blood pressure is not so high anymore.

Go on a walk - Walking around without any particular destiny makes feel super calm and relaxed and when I am feeling very anxious about something I simply like to do some kind of exercise but I know that working out is not for everyone so walking works just as good!

Distract yourself - Sometimes you feel so anxious and stressed [and I've said the word "stress" a hundred times already..sorry about that ;)] that you can't even remember the last time you took some time for yourself and that you did something you truly enjoy. Taking photographs is something that usually calms me down (unless I really need a really good photo for the blog and that just doesn't happen.. it's so frustrating..). I also love reading blogs and being on tumblr or weheartit!

Listen to music - It doesn't matter if it's something calm or something party-ish as long as it makes you feel good! If you want to just stay in bed and relaxed while listening to music, do it. If you want to dance around and shake all the anxiety, do it. It's all about you and about what makes you feel better!

These are little things I like to do when I am not feeling so good. You can always adjust these tips to your personality and to what you like to do. Share in the comments little tips that you use to maintain the calm as I'd love the hear them (because mine aren't enough sometimes..haha)!

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