Monday, March 9


If you've stopped by a few times, you'll know that I love to have my nails beautifully long and done but I can only do it if I take good care of them. Most things aren't a problem to me because I am used to do them but I know for some people it's not that easy and that's alright because everybody is different!

1. Don't bite them. I know this is super hard for some people and I think that this is the crucial point for me and for my nails actually. I never bite my nails! I used to do it when I was around 4 but then someone told me I'd get a disease if I kept doing it so I just stopped and never did it again. Even if I wanted to now, I don't think I even know how to bite them (weird I know..haha).

2. Always apply a base coat. This is something I always do before I actually paint my nails because it makes them stronger and I also think it helps the nail polish last longer. I know it can be really boring because some base coats take a huge time to dry but there are many that dry very quickly now!

3. Don't remove your nail polish with your fingers. I have been failing on this step so much in the last few weeks but this time I've been controlling myself! I never used to do it, I'd always take it off with proper nail polish remover but now everytime I notice that my nail polish is starting to chip, I tend to remove it with my nails/fingers (maybe because I've been feeling very nervous lately) and that leaves them in a really poor state but I am getting better!

4. Once they start to break, cut them. I know this may sound a bit extreme but it's something that I always do now (after a long time of trying to sand a little because I didn't want them short). In this little aspect, I see nails almost like hair: you always need a cut every now and then. If one of my nails break, I know all of them will start to break sooner or later, so I simply cut them and wait for them to grow again and I promise they grow much stronger!

Do you usually have your nails long or short? Do you do anything extra to keep them healthy? I always like to know little tricks, share them with me in the comments below!

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