Wednesday, March 25


"It effectively cleanses and skins radiance looks boosted. Purified and exfoliated, your skin looks revitalised, more beautiful and your complexion radiant." This is what Garnier says about their Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Scrub but I could say the exact same thing!

When I started using this product I wasn't expecting much because my skin was in a terrible condition and all my hopes were in zero level. I was having severe acne problems and I am not going to say this gel scrub is a miracle product because it didn't solve my problem. Weeks later I actually went to the dermatologist and my doctor told I should've visited her way sooner and that was no gelscrubs or creams that could solve my problem but that's a story for another day (I'll be doing a blogpost about my treatment and my story in a few weeks!!).

While my problem wasn't being solved I used this product everyday as it's very gentle and great for sensitive skin so it doesn't hurt my skin at all! Right in the first time I used it I noticed a few differences! My skin looked more radiant and actually healthier, that was a certain glow that didn't exist before. After a few days of using this scrub my acne was a little better: the redness was less intense, my skin wasn't so oily and the appearance of pimples wasn't so frequent. I was more than happy!

Now that my acne problem is almost solved I still use this products because it helps me take good care of my skin and maintain the good job that me and my doctor have done so far. I don't use it everyday because my skin is super sensitive and it's still a bit dried from the treatment I did but whenever I feel like my skin is needing a proper cleansing I always use it and I love it!

If you have severe acne problems, please, don't expect this product or any other sold in common stores to solve it. Please contact a dermatologist.

Have you ever tried this Garnier product? Let me know what other scrubs have you been loving and what Garnier products you like the most!

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