Tuesday, March 17


I am the type of person that loves to hit the pan when it comes to powder products (obviously..I think..) because it means it was a well loved product and that I didn't waste my money! After hitting the pan of my compact powder I thought it was about time to try a different one because trying different and new products is one of my goals for 2015!

After reading some good reviews about the All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder from Essence and not forgetting my love for Essence products, I thought I'd get it and try it! I had some expectations about it and I can't say I am blown away with it because it is a simple product but it actually does it job and very well done!

The only thing I don't like as much is the fact that it doesn't provide any coverage as it is a translucent powder but I know that many people actually like it because they already have foundation or bronzer on.
I have quite oily skin, so it's really important for me to prevent the "oily finish" of my face after a while and this powder works really nicely: it helps my skin looking matte for longer and it helps my makeup lasting longer too. I think this one is better than the one I used before (also from Essence) when it comes to long lasting look and matte finish!

What powder have you been using recently? Is there any powder that you would recommend?

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