Wednesday, March 11


It has been over a month since I wrote my last "Blogs I've Been Reading" post and I've been loving other blogs since then (but I haven't forget previous favorites...I simply think it's time to share with you some other blogs)!

The Sunday Chapter by Angela Giakas 
I've been following Angela's blog for awhile now but only more recently her posts started to call my attention a bit more. I find her blog really easy to read and some of her posts are really interesting because it reflects somehow her life experience and her story (like one of her recent posts that I have to admit that I loved: "25 Things I Wish I Figured Out Sooner"). Her personally gets to you through her blogposts, it's amazing. 

Paula's blog is simply amazing. Her blog design is super simple and classy, her photos are brilliant and great quality and her posts are really easy to keep up. Paula does many reviews on her blog and I know I'll always find something new there. Besides that, her blog is full of interesting blogposts (at least I think they're interesting..haha) about having a healthy lifestyle and photography, two of my favorite subjects! There is a fantastic post about lighting from January ("How To Take Bright Photos For Your Blog") and I think that's when I fell in love with Thirteen Thoughts because I've read pretty much all the blogposts about photography!

The Makeup Directory by Sally O'Kelly
Sally's blog is mainly about beauty I think and those are the most interesting blogspots from her blog for me! The way her posts are written and the way she expresses herself is quite simple and captivating. I loved reading her blogposts about beauty products and I liked this one a lot: "Review: Full Coverage MAC Foundation" because it is a product that I rarely hear about and she just made me want to try it!

All That Shimmers by Emma Osman
Emma's blog is mainly about beauty and makeup (just like most of the ones I follow..anyway) but she writes some really good posts about blogging. Recently Emma wrote "My Blogging Equipment" and talked about what uses to blog and what she prefers and I think it's always nice to open this door a little because it's great when you can see how others do it and different perspectives!

Alemint by María Alejandra Aristizábal
Almost a month ago I wrote a blogpost about lifestyle changes (see it here) and I knew I wanted to include some blogspots from Alemint because María's posts about lifestyle and healthy choices are the best but it was so hard for me to pick! There are so many incredible blogposts that I couldn't chose! María recently uploaded a post about the advantages of cucumber and cucumber water (things that I didn't know and that I found really helpful, especially because I love cucumber ("Cucumber Water & Weight Loss + 8 Refreshing Things You Can Do With It")!

Do you usually read any of these amazing blogs? Tell me what blogs you have been reading lately and recommend some too! 

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