Wednesday, February 25


If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I am a fan of Essence because of their amazing quality products and low prices. I've talked about many products here but I wanted to put my top 5 favorites into on post and share them with you!

Lip Liners
You won't believe until you try it! I decided to give it a try (like many of my other Essence buys) because I wouldn't be wasting much money if I didn't like as prices are always incredible and so is the quality in this case! These lip liners are soft, pigmented and long lasting: everything think you can ask for. It works really well with their lipstick and you can even use some colors on their own.

Again a very surprising product. I love very pigmented lipsticks and sometimes drugstore products fail a bit in that aspect (even though brands have been launching some amazing lip products). When I tried these lipsticks for the first time, I was blown away! Very pigmented, hydrating and long lasting at the same time (the colors lasts even longer if you apply lip liner underneath). I have three very different colors (a red, a nude and a coral) and all of them are amazing.

I Heart Extreme Volume Mascara
I've tried some of their mascara and I didn't like all of them but this one is just.. unbelieve. It really is volumizing and my eyelashes look so full and big without being too clumpy and people have already talked to me about the mascara I was using as if it was a very expensive one, I think they got very surprised. After long hours (more than 8 hours) it will start to flake a little bit but apart from that I think it's perfect!

Mattifying Cream for Combination Skin (from "My Skin" range)
When I bought this moisturizer, I didn't have much expectations. My skin was going through a serious breakout and my skin was so oily that it looked quite awful. It feels very light and never irritated my skin which was already good after buying so many expensive moisturizers that would only make it worse. Right after the application my skin would be really smooth and mattified and after a few hours was still mattified and gorgeous. It was a win! It helped me control my oiliness and also my terrible spots and it didn't even promised that. I was forever thankful (I had serious acne problems and it didn't solve it of course but it helped me a lot)!

Nail Polishes
Another great range of products with beautiful colors! I am not too picky when it comes to nail polishes but there are two things that seriously drive me crazy. In first place, I can't deal with nail polishes that take hours until it's fully dried (and believe it happened before) and in second place I hate when nail polishes have a weird texture and it's really hard to apply (I prefer more liquidy ones). These nail polishes dry so quickly, it's insane! And the brush is so full that makes the application so much easier. They last a full week on my nails without cracking. They're currently my favorite ones.

Have you ever tried any products from Essence? Did you like it or not? Share some of your favorite drugstore products in the comments below (not necessarily from Essence)!

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