Tuesday, February 17


Carnival is one of the most amazing days of the year for children. It's the day when you can be whatever you want! Carnival is never as big here as it is in Rio but there are several cities that make it pretty special.

Every year, once Christmas was over, all I could think about was Carnival: what costume I would wear and what costume all friends would wear! We'd share opinions and ideas and the truth is that none of us used the same costume in the same year.
It was always so much fun! The younger you are, the funnier it is. We'd always play around and insert everyone's character into our little story! We'd take photographs and make a little "runway show"! At the end of the day, we'd all be so so tired but it was always worth it.

Now it's no longer that exciting, I don't really pay much attention to it and I only enjoy it because we always have a little "Carnival break" but when I see little kids in their costumes my heart always melts because they seriously look the cutest thing in the world! I know many grown-ups enjoy Carnival the same way they did years ago but for me Carnival is for children and it's their day to enjoy life.

Have you ever experienced Carnival?

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