Monday, February 23


This week's nail polish choice was the most random one. I knew I wanted to show a color that I really like but at the same time one that I've never talked about in any previous posts.

I seriously love this color a lot (I think white, black and red-ish nails are the classiest ones) and I love how the tone of it is a perfect transition color between Winter and Spring because it is plummy enough to be used during Winter time but it is also light and bright enough to be used during Spring. I want Spring to come so bad! I also applied a bright top coat so that it would look more fresh and I am done for this week!
I don't have the name of the red nail polish because I found it in one of my mum's drawers and the name is rubbed off but you can get the same effect with any plummy red. Even if it has a matte finish, you can achieve the same result with a top coat!

What colors have you been liking these days? 

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