Wednesday, February 4


Feeling confident about ourselves isn't always easy especially when we have all this pressure on our shoulders. Many say appearance doesn't matter and many say it does. I think it does. The way someone looks always leads me to create an opinion about them. It doesn't mean I won't change my opinion later or that I won't give them a chance to show me how they really are but first impressions exist, no matter what.

In order to feel more confident about myself there are a few tips that I always try to keep in mind and I'm going to share them with you today.

Take good care of yourself. Having a healthy diet and taking proper care of your skin can improve the way you see yourself. We all know that what we eat affects our body and for those who have acne-prone skin is very important to know what food makes you break out more. I've learnt that through the years and everyone is different, knowing yourself is the solution.

Do things that you like. Doing activities that we enjoy always makes us happier and if we're good at it, even better. Find a hobby that you truly enjoy and improve yourself. You don't need to be an expert in maths, hairstyles or nails. Blogging and reading other's blogs always makes me feel good and every time I dedicate some of my time to it I'm improving myself and my blog.

Everything you've accomplished so far. Sometimes when you're feeling low, having someone that reminds you of every little thing you've accomplished so far is everything you need. You can be that person. You know yourself and you know everything you've been through. Accomplishments is always something we should me proud of ourselves, big or small, as passing all your exams or stop biting your nails.

Surround yourself with positiveness. This is an aspect that I've noticed it does a big difference on the way I feel. Having positive people around me makes me happier and creates a feeling that I'm capable of everything I wish for inside me. Smiling is something we should do every day and positive people have that effect on us.

Do exercise. I know this my not be for everyone because many people don't like to do exercise but I've been feeling so much better since I started doing exercise more regularly and with a bit more passion. It makes me feel better about myself and like this I always know I'm taking care of me and my body and improves my self esteem. Give it a try!

What tips to you have to feel more confident about yourself?

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